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What is preventing you from being employed?

Everyone has hurdles to jump over before finding that ideal career. These hurdles, also known as barriers, may prevent you from being employed. Some common barriers include no GED or high school diploma, lack of training, and childcare issues.  Click here to identify and minimize your barriers.

Your situation is unique and you are not sure where to start. Remember that every employer is different. A pending charge or felony conviction is not the first thing that employers consider. Employers desire qualified, reliable employees. Do not narrow your search based on your legal situation. When job searching, try local job fairs and hiring events; state employment programs; and networking.  Click here for a list of job fairs and hiring events.

Keep in mind ...

Searching for work is a full-time job - start your day early.
First impressions are important - dress as you would for an interview.
Be prepared - carry a folder containing copies of your master job application, resume, and references.
Employers want positive employees - be polite and thank people for taking the time to assist you.
Most importantly, don't give up!  There is a lot of competition out there and everyone has to deal with rejection.
Seek assistance from a Workforce Development Specialist.  We are here to help you.